Memories of a teenage goth

I’ve been pretty quiet on here of late, mainly because I’m working away on one massive comics project that will be another several months before it’s ready to share. I do sometimes post work in progress over at Instagram though, so anyone who follows me there may already know that I’m deeply immersed in myContinue reading “Memories of a teenage goth”

Draw The Line update: catch us at the Lakes festival

Who remembers the Draw The Line project? For those who need their memories refreshing, Draw The Line brings together more than 100 comic artists, each depicting positive actions that anyone can take to make the world a better place. It started as a website, and now we’re crowdfunding to make it into the most unusualContinue reading “Draw The Line update: catch us at the Lakes festival”

Feminist comics residence, part 2 (the text version)

  What does a feminist comics residence involve, anyway? I’ve already covered much of what I found in Helsinki in the comic I shared recently: the unique surroundings; the friendly participants who all had so much in common; the food, for which we didn’t have to raise a finger or pay a cent; and theContinue reading “Feminist comics residence, part 2 (the text version)”

Feminist Comics Residence in Helsinki

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’d had the improbable but wonderful experience of attending a feminist comic artists’ residence on Helsinki, organised by the formidable FEMSKT, Femicomics Finland. The few days gave me a so much: the visual stimulation of a completely new landscape; new friends and contacts; and a window intoContinue reading “Feminist Comics Residence in Helsinki”

80s comic part 2: what medium?

While thinking about character design, I was also giving lots of thought to what medium I’d use. Here are some experiments with digital colouring. I was impressed to find that the digital drawing app I use, Leonardo, can do a very convincing pencil crayon effect: In the end though, I decided I don’t have enoughContinue reading “80s comic part 2: what medium?”

Planning a comic based on the 80s – character design

I wouldn’t have said I was a particular expert on anything, but when I started planning a new comic based on my teenage years, I realised that we’re all extremely knowledgeable about one thing: our own lives. And if you live long enough, that makes you something close to a historian. Yes, it has comeContinue reading “Planning a comic based on the 80s – character design”

Hourly Comic Day 2018

Every first of February is Hourly Comic Day, where mad people comic artists attempt to draw a comic, or a frame of a comic, for each hour that they are awake. It fell on a Thursday this year, which is not ideal for me: during the week, I am sitting at my desk working forContinue reading “Hourly Comic Day 2018”

2017 – a year in drawing

No matter how much time and energy I put in, I never feel like I’m doing quite enough drawing, so it’s always good to look back over the year and realise quite how much paper (and pixels) I’ve stacked up! Here’s a quick run-through of how 2017 looked. February On the 1st, I took theContinue reading “2017 – a year in drawing”

Trampoline party invitation design

The self-imposed drawing tasks come thick and fast for me at this time of year. No sooner have I sent out my Christmas cards than it’s a race to draw my daughter’s birthday invitations in time for her to hand them out at school before term ends. This year she’s having a party at theContinue reading “Trampoline party invitation design”

Florence sketch diary: last day in Florence, and thoughts about sketch diaries

This is the last part of the series. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. That’s it! I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my trip to Florence. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my last sketch diary for a while. While I love to make them, and amContinue reading “Florence sketch diary: last day in Florence, and thoughts about sketch diaries”

Florence sketch diary, days 8 & 9: busy busy conference

Here’s day 8 of the trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Come back tomorrow for the very last day (and some thoughts about drawing this kind of sketch diary).

Florence sketch diary, day 7: you will not believe what we can do with balloons

Here’s day 7 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Come back tomorrow when the conference begins.

Florence sketch diary, day 6: switching to work mode

Here’s day 6 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. (Apologies for the wavy text, here and elsewhere: it’s because these pages are photographed rather than scanned, and not always perfectly flat) (The usual apologies to my colleagues – and any other *real people* I might representContinue reading “Florence sketch diary, day 6: switching to work mode”

Florence sketch diary, day 5: the holy grail

Here’s day 5 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Read on to Day 6, when I switch over into ‘work trip’ mode.

Florence sketch diary, day 4: deluxe cakes, gardens and posh frocks

Here’s day 4 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Read the next entry for a big discovery, plus the only cat in Florence.

Florence sketch diary, part 1: the one-trouser strategy

In April 2016, I took a trip to Florence, Italy. This is my sketch diary. I hope you enjoy it. Intro page. In case you don’t recognise it(!), the dark lumpy thing that one of the cherubs is holding is supposed to be a truffle. Joe’s concern is very British: Now read part 2: aContinue reading “Florence sketch diary, part 1: the one-trouser strategy”

A completed Inktober

Who remembers Clovember, in which the idea was to draw your clothes every day through the month of November? Well, perhaps I’m a sucker for these portmanteau-titled month-long challenges, because along came Inktober (draw something in ink daily for 31 days) and I did my usual thing (“No promises; I might just do one orContinue reading “A completed Inktober”

Inspiration: Paula Rego

I’ve always counted Paula Rego among my favourite artists, but before I watched this documentary (Paula Rego: Secrets and Stories) I didn’t know the half of her life story, and how it has fed into her pictures. Having now sat down and watched in riveted attention twice over, I’m finding her work all the moreContinue reading “Inspiration: Paula Rego”

Illustrated Women In History exhibition

I’m really pleased to say that I have a small illustration in the Illustrated Women in History exhibition and the accompanying zine. The exhibition is up in Swindon Central Library now, and runs until the end of April. You can buy the zine here. Its maker, Julie Gough, has for some time now been doingContinue reading “Illustrated Women In History exhibition”

My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full

I’ve been absolutely up to my neck in the Draw The Line project (comic artists drawing positive political actions that anyone can take), but when Hourly Comic Day rolled around, I couldn’t bear the thought of not taking part. I’ve participated for the past three years, and the concept chimes very well with my tendencyContinue reading “My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full”