3 thoughts on “Florence sketch diary, days 8 & 9: busy busy conference

  1. I’m enjoying this series hugely, and am in awe of your ability to illustrate your life in this way (do you stay up half the night?) (or complete much of it later after the trip?) but I had to laugh when it came to reading your account of the conference because I can’t understand one word of what you all do and what it’s all about! It’s a really funny contrast to the glorious transparency of your family stuff – the work language is utterly incomprehensible! I love it! (Was it intentional?)

    1. Ha, not intentional but I can see how it happened! We are a fairly rarefied sector and I guess we tend to talk a lot of jargon. My day job is usually that I make our technical work comprehensible to the everyday reader but obviously in this case, not so much :)

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