Myfanwy Tristram

Born in Devon in 1968 and now living in Brighton on the south coast of England, I have drawn comics all my life. I fit my practice around a fulltime job at a digital democracy NGO; each side of my life inspiring and informing the other. 

I am interested in the power of comics to educate, enrage and create change in the world. As well as the small inequities of everyday life, I tackle global systemic issues, always with some humour and the aim of also putting visually appealing artwork into the world.

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  • Lakes International Comics Arts Festival (Kendal, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Rose Tinted Spectacular Zine Fair (Brighton, 2017)
  • Thought Bubble (Leeds, 2016)
  • Comica (London, 2016)


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