Jill and the Nantgwyddon landfill site

I’ve shared another comic from my work in progress, The Noisy Valley. This one tells the story of an ill-judged landfill site at the top of a Rhondda mountain, and how the local community mobilised to get it shut down.

Comics/illustration people to follow

Here are some quick recommendations for great Patreons to follow. If you want to check these out, many creators have some posts that are open so you can see what they’re like without having to subscribe. Julia Rothman Julia is a very successful illustrator and pattern designer living in NYC. I came to her throughContinue reading “Comics/illustration people to follow”

Likenesses in comics

In my latest Patreon post (this one is for subscribers) I’m pondering a challenge that comes with making documentary comics: drawing real people who are going to be seeing the finished work. It can be tricky to get a likeness once, let alone over several panels – and what will people think of how you’veContinue reading “Likenesses in comics”

You get my thoughts as I do the work; and then you get the actual work itself

There are two new posts up on my Patreon. The first is public and free for everyone to read. It contains thoughts about drawing from historic photos, the ageing process, and how words can affect the way you think of visuals. It also has the link to an incredible Ken Russell film. Read it here.Continue reading “You get my thoughts as I do the work; and then you get the actual work itself”

The Noisy Valley: recording my process

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m moving my blogging over to Patreon, but will let you know every time there’s something to read over there. Today I’ve posted about starting a new story – the memories of David Hurn, who’s a Magnum photographer. I am keen to do him justice – it feltContinue reading “The Noisy Valley: recording my process”