Hourly Comic Day 2018

Every first of February is Hourly Comic Day, where mad people comic artists attempt to draw a comic, or a frame of a comic, for each hour that they are awake. It fell on a Thursday this year, which is not ideal for me: during the week, I am sitting at my desk working forContinue reading “Hourly Comic Day 2018”

My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full

I’ve been absolutely up to my neck in the Draw The Line project (comic artists drawing positive political actions that anyone can take), but when Hourly Comic Day rolled around, I couldn’t bear the thought of not taking part. I’ve participated for the past three years, and the concept chimes very well with my tendencyContinue reading “My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full”

A round-up of my favourite #HourlyComicDay strips, 2016

I hope you enjoyed my Hourly Comic Day comics this year (in case you didn’t see them, they’re here). And if that whetted your appetite for this peculiar artform, here are some of my favourites from other people. It was much easier to find the good ones this year than in previous years – itContinue reading “A round-up of my favourite #HourlyComicDay strips, 2016”

My complete Hourly Comic Day 2016

So – was it more difficult completing Hourly Comic Day on a working day? You bet it was. There’s not very much of visual interest to draw, and it means you have to do a full day’s work and then put in several hours drawing into the night. I saw a few canny people shiftedContinue reading “My complete Hourly Comic Day 2016”

Eeek, it’s nearly Hourly Comic Day again

February 1st is Hourly Comic Day – a day when foolish people make a cartoon for every hour in which they are awake. It presents you with two options: If you are smart, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy as cartoonists around the world post up a rich deluge of comics on Twitter, Tumblr,Continue reading “Eeek, it’s nearly Hourly Comic Day again”

Some of the best Hourly Comic Days, and my thoughts

Bwahhaha, I’ll lure you in with the thought of reading some excellent COMICS, but then I’ll make you wade through my THOUGHTS before you get there. What do you mean you can just scroll down? Oh well, whatever you want. What did we learn? So, yesterday I posted my stab at Hourly Comic Day, theContinue reading “Some of the best Hourly Comic Days, and my thoughts”

My complete Hourly Comic Day 2015

Whew! I did it. Well, officially I didn’t do it, because I was over-ambitious with how much I wanted to depict (so what’s new?). I only managed to finish off the last three pages today, so I am posting my complete Hourly Comic Day comic 24 hours late. Here it is. It’s now past myContinue reading “My complete Hourly Comic Day 2015”

Heads up! Sunday is Hourly Comics Day

  This is just a brief reminder – to myself, as much as anything. On Sunday, artists with more optimism than sense will be attempting to draw a comic every hour, describing their day. Last year, I only found out about it when I idly scrolled through Twitter at breakfast time. This year, I foundContinue reading “Heads up! Sunday is Hourly Comics Day”

The cream of Hourly Comic Day

In my last post, I shared the results of my Hourly Comic Day. I’ve been a mere husk of a person ever since, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. So, massive kudos to everyone who did it, and a regretful ‘nuh-uh’ to the nice friends who have suggested I should do something similar everyContinue reading “The cream of Hourly Comic Day”

All my #hourlycomicday posts in one place

February 1st is Hourly Comics Day, when (mad) people commit to drawing a cartoon every hour that they are awake. I saw this happen on Twitter last year, somewhat wistfully, because by the time I knew it was happening, my day was half over. This year I was no better prepared, but I did atContinue reading “All my #hourlycomicday posts in one place”