A round-up of my favourite #HourlyComicDay strips, 2016

myfanwy tristram Hourly Comic day 2016

I hope you enjoyed my Hourly Comic Day comics this year (in case you didn’t see them, they’re here).

And if that whetted your appetite for this peculiar artform, here are some of my favourites from other people.

It was much easier to find the good ones this year than in previous years – it feels like more people are taking part, or maybe it’s just that I’ve had another year of making connections with comics people on social media, and I know where to find them… in any case, enjoy!

(Be aware, though, if you are a sensitive snowflake: some of them contain strong language and/or scenes of a racy nature)

Sarah Winifred Searle

 Swinsea Hourly Comics Day

Swinsea offers you lovely pencil crayon, fluffy cats and honest feelings.

Kristen Haas Curtis

Sleepless Beekeper Hourly Comic DayKristen (“American cartoonist in Switzerland”) tweeted me to say that we’d both felt parental guilt at exactly the same point of the day. :)

Robin William Scott

Robin William Scott Hourly Comic Day

Robin William Scott is a new name to me but I really like his style. As far as I’m aware, these are only visible on Twitter at the moment.

Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden Hourly Comic Day

Broken Frontier has gathered together Tillie’s comics, which I’m in awe of, because she actually managed to get something of a story arc in there, as well as having such an effortless-looking style.

Danny Noble

Danny Noble Hourly Comic DayDanny also managed to do something a little bit above and beyond with hers. Pfft, all these smart people.

Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood Hourly Comic Day

Lucy‘s been doing hourly comic day since 2011, so no surprise that she’s also managed to raise the bar with a nice underlying analogy.

Vera Bee

Vera Bee Hourly Comics Day

Vera is another new name to me, with a nice line in self-deprecating humour.

Joe Decie

Joe Decie Hourly Comic DayJoe‘s skilled drawings are always a favourite.

Dan Berry

Dan Berry Hourly Comic Day

And of course Dan is a perennial.

Jeremy Dennis

Jeremy Dennis Hourly Comic Day

Here’s Jeremy taking a loose line to the extreme — also features drawing while walking, which is impressive.

Moar Moar MOAR

And if that little lot wasn’t enough for you, surprise! Here’s Zainab Akhtar’s selection which includes several that I haven’t mentioned above.

What? You want even more MORE?

OK then, here’s my round-up from last year, and from 2014.

Or go and fish out your own favourites, via the hashtag on various social media:

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  1. Oh nooooo… :) My one isn’t online until now, it was much more difficult to work AND draw, than I imagined. Some colour is missing… but it will come this evening!

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