We are nature Naked Bike Ride Brighton 2019 poster design by Myfanwy Tristram

I have a day job, and my style of drawing is time-consuming. These two facts mean that I have to be very choosy about what work I take on commission, and that long deadlines are often necessary. 

But it also means that, if I take on your project, you can be sure I’m completely committed to it.

I want to make a difference with comics

You can get a good idea of the kind of work I enjoy by looking through this site, and my blog. For your convenience, though, here’s a list of topics I’d be most likely to jump at working on:

  • Travel or documentary pieces
  • Slice of life, oral histories
  • Work that furthers social causes
  • Work that helps the climate
  • Protest
  • Fashion
  • Pop culture
  • I’m also really interested in street art

I draw comics, write excellent prose, and am happy to illustrate the words of others.

Subjects I have some expertise in include: Freedom of Information, civic technology, democracy, activism, the climate emergency, British life, being middle aged, being the parent of a teen, the Eighties, Brighton, cats, veggie food, the comics community…

… but I am also a fast learner and if a topic is interesting, I will dig right in until I know everything about it.

I often draw from my own experience

It’s my belief that universal truth is found in the most personal experiences. My best way into a story is by experiencing it myself, or considering where it has touched my life.

You probably ought to know that I:

  • dislike car culture
  • don’t eat meat
  • eschew brands that do harm to society or the environment

If you’ve got a project in mind and you think my work would suit it, do get in touch.

Recent commissions

The Nib

I contributed a two-page strip about guerilla gardening through the ages to the ‘Nature’ issue of the Nib, American political and social comic.


I explored my own teen subculture in the light of my daughter’s own passion for Japanese cosplay in an illustrated essay for Longreads.

Naked Bike Ride

I made the poster for the 2019 Brighton Naked Bike Ride, which was run in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion.

We are nature Naked Bike Ride Brighton 2019 poster design by Myfanwy Tristram


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