Florence sketch diary by Myfanwy Tristram

Comic-making doesn’t bring fame and fortune — but it can bring opportunities for travel and fellowship, ample rewards in themselves.

Travel sketch diaries

For many years, I depicted our family holidays and work trips (to Barcelona, Florence, Madrid, Santiago and various UK towns), in very detailed comic sketch diaries. These can all be seen via this page.

Florence sketch diary by Myfanwy Tristram

Florence sketch diary by Myfanwy Tristram
Barcelona sketch diary by Myfanwy Traistram - page 8

Depicting travel in this way is one of my favourite drawing tasks, and even given the current travel restrictions around COVID, I would still like to work with tourist boards to offer them something similar – all the more so if it involves slow, sustainable travel. I’m as open to exploring the gems of the British Isles as I am to travelling to further-flung places.

Get in touch if you can make this happen!

Self-published comics

I’m an enthusaistic maker of small press comics. High points have been Two Birds (in collaboration with Zara Slattery); Ladies of the Lakes and Everything my Ten-Year-Old Daughter Wore in November.


In 2021, infuriated by the UK’s government’s crackdown on the right to protest in the
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As an ex-goth who can’t quite give up a fascination with clothes, I love drawing all aspects of fashion – and, along the way, recording some aspects of our shared social history. Read more.


I am drawing a social memoir of two periods in my life: my teen years as an Eighties goth in rural Devon, and my middle age in which I come to terms with the events of that time. Read more.