Book of the year

This is the year I discovered Swedish comic maker Anneli Furmark. I picked up ‘Red Winter’ in January, attracted by the loose style.

Red Winter by Anneli Furmark

Now and again I just fall for a book, and this was this year’s grand passion. It’s difficult to say exactly what hit me so hard – certainly not a satisfyingly wrapped up story arc or a breathtakingly realistic drawing style.

Quite the opposite in fact: it’s the very lack of care about such things, the letting go, splashes of ink and colour shaping a world into which the reader is comprehensively immersed, that really beguiled me.

Soon after, I bought Walk Me To The Corner which is similarly impressive, but it’s Red Winter that will stay with me.

I’ll squeeze in a mention of Jayde Perkin whose I’m Not Ready is also an object lesson in conveying feeling and meaning into very loose drawing.

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