Mostly gripes, some comics news at the end

Last week, progress on Satin and Tat was unchanged, and this week it is still the same, stalled on page 73. This is partly because of the comission I’ve been working on (which I can’t share, due to the terms of the agreement I signed), and partly down to the technical problems I blogged about last week.

I am really missing working on it!

Things have moved on a little bit from last week, but the situation is far from perfect. I’ve had more dealings with both Adobe and Microsoft’s customer services, both of which wasted time and left me more frustrated than before. Adobe first pointed me towards my own thread on their support forum (why? There weren’t any answers!) and then at another thread where others were expressing similar issues, and at least one comment had been ‘removed by the moderator for profanity’, showing the level of irritation the problem has been causing, and clearly not just for me.

Adobe then came up with the absurd suggestion that, as Elements 13 is no longer supported, I could purchase Elements 2021 in order to be eligible for support – but this was after I’d informed them that I’d downloaded the trial version of 2021 and encountered exactly the same issue. Gah, what a waste of time.

Meanwhile Microsoft contacted me on Twitter to thank me for finding a ‘workaround’, to which the only answer is the :| emoticon.

There was no workaround. “We’ll take note of this and forward it to the designated support as Microsoft continuously strives to improve its products and to provide a better experience to its consumers”, they DMd.

Those are certainly… some words. But they don’t help me.

Last week I wondered whether Photoshop brushes can be imported into Affinity Photo, and the good news in all of this is that yes they can. So, with that and being able to recreate my Photoshop palettes, I believe (although I haven’t yet tried) that I can continue with Satin and Tat without the look and feel changing.

It’s not all good, though. One thing that I do a lot during my drawing process is to remove and replace the keyboard from the Surfacebook screen: I remove it so that it can sit on my angled desktop while I draw, and I replace it to do things like type the lettering in. But there’s something about Affinity that means the machine asks you to close it before you detach the keyboard. Not impossible, but pretty annoying when you might be wanting to do this several times in quick succession.

Back to the forums, and I thought I’d found a solution, but it only worked for a short while. Opening Affinity back up today, the issue recurred.

It’s very annoying to have all this bother when you would expect a new laptop to have solved issues rather than creating new ones!

But, so that this post isn’t all about my gripes, I’ll also mention that last week I applied for the Artquest Salon on Activism and Social Change – despite not knowing much about the organisation or exactly what to expect.

Also, Street Noise have been back in touch with a revised cover for Draw The Line, and say that the inner pages have been sent to print! It’s weird, life feels too busy and there are too many other concerns for this to feel like a big deal, but… I guess it’s a big deal?

I’m posting this early because we’re off to London for the weekend, where my daughter will go to an anime con, and I will go and immerse myself in the Paula Rego exhibition at Tate Britain. I fully expect to come home with new ideas about colour and composition. And after that, we’re all off to Camden market, where no doubt some Satin and Tat-relevant memories will be jogged into place when I see the fashions on offer. Hooray – it’s the closest thing to a holiday we’ve had for a while.

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I am an illustrator, situated in Brighton on the south coast of England, and with a special interest in comics and graphic memoir. I also work for a non-profit which encourages people to be active in democracy and to exercise rights such as the right to information through FOIA.

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