My daughter’s 2017 stocking

It’s become my own personal tradition that each year, I draw my daughter’s Christmas stocking: a record of all those gifts of chocolate, stationery and small toys that Santa brings. He’s a clever man, that Santa: each year, his choices seem to accord directly with my daughter’s changing fads and preferences.

In this, her 13th year, I can’t help noticing that colours are duller and much less exciting to draw: less hot pink, more black.

stocking 2017 by myfanwy tristram

Click the image if you’d like to see it slightly larger.

In the ultimate mash-up of looking a gift-horse in the mouth and being a bad workman blaming my tools, I might also say that I got the most amazing box of watercolours for Christmas. They’re so good that the colours are deeper and more vibrant than I’m used to, and the whole picture came out a bit darker than I intended.

For comparison’s sake, here are previous years’ paintings:

stocking, 2016--by-myfanwy-tristram

Everything in my daughter's stocking by Myfanwy Tristram

Christmas Stocking by Myfanwy Tristram

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I am an illustrator, situated in Brighton on the south coast of England, and with a special interest in comics and graphic memoir. I also work for a non-profit which encourages people to be active in democracy and to exercise rights such as the right to information through FOIA.

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    1. Thanks! It’s hard to say for sure, since I kept coming back and doing a couple of hours here and there over the Christmas break, but I’d guess maybe 8 – 10 hours.

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