Free Christmas card downloads

Snowy Holly by Myfanwy Tristram

What good is drawing?

I draw mainly in the evenings, and generally while listening to the radio – and the later it is, the more serious the subject matter becomes.

Fretting over a frivolous piece like the Underdog cartoon does start to seem slightly insignificant when there’s an interview with Ebola nurses coming across the airwaves, or there are doomy tales of food banks and poverty in our own country.

Well, here’s an idea that might redress the balance slightly. If you like the Christmas card designs below, you are welcome to use them. And if you do, please donate a couple of pounds to charity in return.

You can print them out from the PDFs at the foot of this post. They will fit an A4 sheet of card, so you can print them on your home printer or take them to a professional print shop.

Tree Christmas card by Myfanwy Tristram

Christmas tree card by Myfanwy Tristram

Garland Christmas card by Myfanwy Tristram

Snowy Holly by Myfanwy Tristram

snowhollyblsfwCreative Commons Licence

These Christmas cards by Myfanwy Tristram are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

How you may use these images

I’m releasing these under a non-commercial creative commons licence. That means:

YOU MAY print these out for your own use, provided that you keep the attribution that I’ve put on the back of each card.

YOU MAY NOT sell them commercially or modify the images.

(If you would like to sell the cards for charity, drop me a line and we can talk).


Here are some charities where you might donate, or feel free to choose your own:

The Red Cross Ebola appeal

Oxfam, working on poverty in the UK as well as internationally

The Fawcett Society, fighting for equality between the sexes


Here are the downloads in PDF form, ready to print:

Tree with a star (Large, one card to an A4 sheet)

Tree with star (Small, two cards to an A4 sheet)

Garland (Large, one card to an A4 sheet)

Garland (Small, two cards to an A4 sheet)

Tree with lights (Small, two cards to an A4 sheet)

Holly in the snow (blue) (Small, two cards to an A4 sheet)

Holly in the snow (black) (Small, two cards to an A4 sheet)

Thanks – and do feel free to spread the word around.


Published by Myfanwy Tristram

I am an illustrator, situated in Brighton on the south coast of England, and with a special interest in comics and graphic memoir. I also work for a non-profit which encourages people to be active in democracy and to exercise rights such as the right to information through FOIA.

4 thoughts on “Free Christmas card downloads

  1. A very generous gesture, thank you. I always make my own cards so won’t be downloading. I hope you make lots of money for your chosen charities. Sadly when I offered something similar for Alzheimers it was the few rather than the many that contributed even a token.

    1. Ah, that’s a shame! Of course, I have no way of tracking whether the same will be true here, but I am hoping that I can depend on people’s good hearts :)

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