Podcast: Erica Smith on Girlfrenzy

Back in the 90s, when I was fairly new to Brighton, I had the good fortune to meet a woman named Erica Smith. Erica was the force behind a feminist zine, Girlfrenzy, to which I contributed a few cartoons. There isn’t an awful lot on the internet about it, but what there is has nowContinue reading “Podcast: Erica Smith on Girlfrenzy”

Snippets of conversation overheard on the walk to school

Our daily walk to school takes just ten minutes, during which we join the stream of other parents and kids stomping up the hill. Sometimes—well, quite often—I overhear little bits of conversation. I thought they were quite nice all collected together. That’s all. I almost added a third page, which would be about the conversationsContinue reading “Snippets of conversation overheard on the walk to school”

Women of Lewes and Brighton

These pictures are made by snapping women in the street with my phone, then working from the photos to paint a composite image on a A1 sheet of paper. The painting was done over a period of a couple of hours. As I’ve just offered this idea to a potential client (painting their customers), IContinue reading “Women of Lewes and Brighton”

Drawing is bad etiquette during meetings

I do worry that it’s really rude to draw people, especially when you’re in a meeting with them. Presumably if it were a meeting of illustrators, we’d all be drawing each other, so it wouldn’t matter. But it wasn’t, so I’ve probably broken every rule in the business etiquette book. The thing is, I don’tContinue reading “Drawing is bad etiquette during meetings”