Special Open House offer when you buy two Myfanwy Tristram prints

prints by Myf

The last weekend of the Open House is nigh.. and I’m offering a special price for people who buy two prints, in person or here online.

Buy two large Myfanwy Tristram prints and get £5 off unframed (£45 for two) and £10 off framed (£80 for two).

Prints on offer are:

This offer is valid for online buyers, but with the following conditions:
– Prints will not be posted out until Tuesday 27th;
– This price is only applicable until midnight UK time on Sunday 25th May;
– In the event of one particular image running out, purchasers at the Open House will have preference. This is *just in case* an order comes in online while I’m away from my computer, and the print gets sold at the Open House, although to be honest I think clashes are reasonably unlikely. :)

Contact Myf on mockduck [at] gmail [dot] com, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MyfanwyTristram, if you would like to reserve a particular pair of prints.

A few bits and bobs

Frame from Overstock by Myfanwy Tristram

I am back from Chile

Myfanwy Tristram Santiago sketch diary

It was wonderful.

I did expect to have a sketch diary to share with you by now, but work trips are very different from family holidays.

For starters, you’re working rather than drawing – although, I was very pleased when work asked me to draw the conference that I went out for. The trouble was that I also had many other things to do, so while I drew for about half an hour, it didn’t really constitute having a Conference Artist on hand.

And then, with family holidays, you have long evenings where you’re stuck indoors. That wasn’t the case in Chile, so I was either out at night, or trying desperately to catch up on some sleep.

However, I am determined not to let the sketch diary slip away. I will keep working on it, and most likely post it in installments as I finish a batch of pages.

The Open House has started

prints by Myf

The Open House began its run last Saturday. If you haven’t been yet, don’t worry; there are still three more weekends. I haven’t been myself yet! I was travelling home when it opened up.

I have put together a Facebook page for it though, and now you can browse through a gallery showing everyone’s work. Such nice stuff! If you don’t come for the artwork, come for those scrumptious cakes, surely.

Full details are here.

The Cape/Observer/Comica graphic short story competition is open

Frame from Overstock by Myfanwy Tristram

Yes, the contest with the most unwieldy name in comics has rolled round again – I can’t believe it’s been a year.

I do always like to put an entry in, because it is a great opportunity to sit down and create a longer strip that’s as good as I can make it.

If you’re short of inspiration, you might like to look at the round-up of entries I made from last year.

My shop has reopened

Use the link at the top of the page to get to my shop. At the moment you can only buy cards, but once the Open House is over, I’ll be adding any remaining prints.

Or let me know if there is a particular print you would like to buy, and I’ll be in touch to arrange postage.

That’s it for news, I think!

Brighton Open House information is up

Brighton open houses1

Yay! The Brighton Open House website has put all their listings live today. Above is what you should be looking out for if you want to pick up a paper brochure. I like doing that, because then I can leave all kinds of biro comments, and mark out my route around the houses, and I end up with a dog-eared, post-it-note-filled souvenir of the festival.

And yep, my name’s in print. Here are details of the house I’ll be exhibiting in: 116 Balfour Road. It’s part of the Independent trail – see the whole trail here.

They even provide a map of the whole city, which features every trail. I told you they were organised. We’re Open House number 22 on that map.

The 5B bus will get you there from the city centre – here’s the bus route. You get off at the stop called Beaconsfield Villas top, where Beaconsfield Villas meets Preston Drove.

Or take the train to Preston Park station, and it’s about a 15-minute walk.

More details about what I’ll be selling here. I hope to see you there!

I’ll be selling prints at the Brighton Open Houses

Muesli Mountain, large size, by Myfanwy Tristram

I have lived in Brighton for more than two decades, but 2014 marks the very first year that I will be participating in the Artists Open House Festival.

What are Open Houses?

Brighton’s Open Houses are a real institution, dating back to the early eighties.

It began with a few artists who lived in and around the Fiveways area of Brighton. They opened up their homes, treating them as a kind of open gallery space where anyone was free to enter, browse, and perhaps buy.


The idea took off – bigtime – and now, every year, hundreds of houses and studios open up each weekend during May.

It coincides with the main Brighton Festival and the Fringe Festival, so for any culture-loving Brightonians, and visitors to the city, it is a very busy month… in the nicest possible way.

Jay Collins' studio

I have always loved walking round Open House trails, looking at the massive diversity of artwork, and – let’s be honest – enjoying a shufty around other people’s abodes.

It’s a well-known fact that half the visitors come to gawk at the interiors, especially in Brighton’s grander pieces of architecture. Sometimes you can sit in the garden and eat cake, too.


I think I’ve passed the habit on to my daughter. But that’s ok. Open Houses tend to be child-friendly. Remember the bit about cake? Sometimes there are pet cats as well (and once, a tortoise).


If this all sounds good, you can find all the details online from 11th April – or, if local to Brighton, start looking out for the catalogues around town on that date. They’re superbly put together!


Where to find my prints

Yay! This year, I will be a part of it all myself. I’m sharing wall space in an Open House at 116 Balfour Road, not far from the Fiveways area where the whole thing began.

I’ll have prints, cards and postcards for sale, and there will be several other artists’ work to peruse as well. The owner of the house is also behind the Real Patisserie, the Brighton cake shop/institution, so expect a superior range of refreshments to be on offer.

What you can buy!

The prints I’ll have on sale will be:

I’ll only have a couple of each though, so come early if you want something specific.


The house will be open on every Saturday and Sunday from the 3rd of May to the 25th of May, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I will be around on the 11th May (11am – 2pm), 18th May (11am – 2pm) and 24th May (2pm to 5pm), so do please come and say hello if you’re passing.

More information nearer the date.