My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full

I’ve been absolutely up to my neck in the Draw The Line project (comic artists drawing positive political actions that anyone can take), but when Hourly Comic Day rolled around, I couldn’t bear the thought of not taking part. I’ve participated for the past three years, and the concept chimes very well with my tendencyContinue reading “My #HourlyComicDay 2017 in full”

Last-minute Valentine’s cards

I was a bit pressed for time this Valentine’s day, so no massive, hand-crafted works of art from me. Fortunately, my nearest and dearest are forgiving recipients. A pair of cats, dashed off late at night, for my husband. The theme and composition kind of suggested itself, once I’d started doodling on the one sizeContinue reading “Last-minute Valentine’s cards”

Happy Birthday, Dude

Thanks to poor forward planning skills, our family suffers a quadruple whammy at this time of year. As soon as all the kerfuffle of Christmas and New Year is over, it’s our daughter’s birthday, and then, just a week later, my husband’s. I spent the first few days of the year creating a winter wonderlandContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Dude”