Four colour linocut Christmas card

For some reason, when it’s time to make Christmas cards, my first thought is always to turn to linocuts. It’s a shame that my first thought doesn’t happen about four weeks earlier than it does, mind you, because I’d really like to spend a bit more time getting my technique nailed down. That said, thisContinue reading “Four colour linocut Christmas card”

My daughter’s stocking, 2016

This is the third year running that I have drawn everything my daughter received from that very generous old fellow, Santa Claus. It’s a great way to fill the days between Christmas and New Year, and while I know it’s not exactly Cézanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire, it’s also the closest thing I’ve got to a recurringContinue reading “My daughter’s stocking, 2016”

Winter animals linocut Christmas cards

I haven’t sent Christmas cards for quite a few years. I think many artists and makers feel like me: they don’t want to send cards unless they’ve been handmade, or can act as a showcase for their artwork. But, if you think it’s hassle buying your cards, writing them out, and getting them to theContinue reading “Winter animals linocut Christmas cards”

Free Christmas card downloads

What good is drawing? I draw mainly in the evenings, and generally while listening to the radio – and the later it is, the more serious the subject matter becomes. Fretting over a frivolous piece like the Underdog cartoon does start to seem slightly insignificant when there’s an interview with Ebola nurses coming across theContinue reading “Free Christmas card downloads”