My daughter’s 2017 stocking

It’s become my own personal tradition that each year, I draw my daughter’s Christmas stocking: a record of all those gifts of chocolate, stationery and small toys that Santa brings. He’s a clever man, that Santa: each year, his choices seem to accord directly with my daughter’s changing fads and preferences. In this, her 13thContinue reading “My daughter’s 2017 stocking”

My daughter’s stocking, 2016

This is the third year running that I have drawn everything my daughter received from that very generous old fellow, Santa Claus. It’s a great way to fill the days between Christmas and New Year, and while I know it’s not exactly Cézanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire, it’s also the closest thing I’ve got to a recurringContinue reading “My daughter’s stocking, 2016”

Drawing everything that was in my daughter’s Christmas stocking

[Click to see larger] Father Christmas did a really good job this year – it’s almost as if he knows my daughter personally. Her stocking contained, amongst plenty of other things: a suffragette brooch, detangler spray for long hair, a glasses case – ideal for this newly-bespectacled girl – and patches spelling out her name.Continue reading “Drawing everything that was in my daughter’s Christmas stocking”