As an ex-goth who can’t quite give up a fascination with clothes, I love drawing all aspects of fashion – and, along the way, recording some aspects of our shared social history.

Goth and Japanese cosplay fashion

In 2019, Longreads published my illustrated essay Cut from the Same Cloth. This examined the topic of ageing out of one subculture while one’s child embraces another, with diversions into the history of goth (via new romaticism, punk and new wave) and cosplay.

Image by Myfamwy Tristram, showing new romantics from the 80s.

Clothes and fashion are subjects that I particularly enjoy, and they are also dominant themes in my ongoing social memoir Satin and Tat.

Gudrun Sjoden

In 2015, I drew a diary documenting a remarkable opportunity that came my way: acting as a model for the Swedish fashion brand Gudrun Sjoden.

This comic was printed up and handed out to every customer in Gudrun’s shops worldwide, on International Women’s Day. Gudrun also gave me the opportunity of drawing their customers live instore.

Stockholm Diary p5 Myfanwy Tristram

Everything my ten year old daughter wore in November

She’s 17 now, but I’m glad to have this record of all my daughter’s wardrobe choices back in 2015.

Clovember - illustration by Myfanwy Tristram
image by Myfanwy Nixon
4th Clovember by Myfanwy Tristram


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