Draw the Line books – limited advance copies in the UK

Street Noise Books’ edition of Draw the Line won’t be officially available in the UK until it launches on 10 March – but I have a limited number of copies that I can ship to UK addresses now. Please visit my new shop to purchase. (Yes, I’ve set up a shop page! Very rudimentary, and I’m awaitingContinue reading “Draw the Line books – limited advance copies in the UK”

Four colour linocut Christmas card

For some reason, when it’s time to make Christmas cards, my first thought is always to turn to linocuts. It’s a shame that my first thought doesn’t happen about four weeks earlier than it does, mind you, because I’d really like to spend a bit more time getting my technique nailed down. That said, thisContinue reading “Four colour linocut Christmas card”

Really important cartooning: Threads by Cartoon Kate

   I’ll post the last of my daughter’s daily outfit drawings at the end of the month – might as well bundle in the last two days with week 4. Meanwhile, there’s nothing that makes little fashion sketches look so inconsequential as a cartoon doing something really powerful, political and potentially game-changing.  This week myContinue reading “Really important cartooning: Threads by Cartoon Kate”

Underdog triumphs! 

I was honoured and very surprised to hear that my one-page comic strip Underdog won second prize in the comic art competition at Thought Bubble. Thought Bubble is a massive annual comics convention in Leeds, encompassing all types of comic, from super heroes to hastily-scrawled zines. I was particularly touched that there is also roomContinue reading “Underdog triumphs! “