Graphic memoir as social history

Last week I had just finished page 70. This week I’ve made a good start on page 73, so I’m making progress but am shortly going to put Satin and Tat aside for a short while as I’ve had a commission elsewhere. (Yay!) I’ve been listening to a really excellent podcast recently, as recommended byContinue reading “Graphic memoir as social history”

Florence sketch diary, day 7: you will not believe what we can do with balloons

Here’s day 7 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Come back tomorrow when the conference begins.

Florence sketch diary, day 6: switching to work mode

Here’s day 6 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. (Apologies for the wavy text, here and elsewhere: it’s because these pages are photographed rather than scanned, and not always perfectly flat) (The usual apologies to my colleagues – and any other *real people* I might representContinue reading “Florence sketch diary, day 6: switching to work mode”

Florence sketch diary, day 5: the holy grail

Here’s day 5 of our trip. If you want to start from the beginning, page 1 is here. Read on to Day 6, when I switch over into ‘work trip’ mode.

Florence sketch diary, part 1: the one-trouser strategy

In April 2016, I took a trip to Florence, Italy. This is my sketch diary. I hope you enjoy it. Intro page. In case you don’t recognise it(!), the dark lumpy thing that one of the cherubs is holding is supposed to be a truffle. Joe’s concern is very British: Now read part 2: aContinue reading “Florence sketch diary, part 1: the one-trouser strategy”

Totnes and Lyme Regis holiday sketch diary, part 4: cows, worms, moles & other animals

The image at the top of this post is a happy accident which happened on Photoshop, as I was trying to clean up the picture of the bookshop that appears in the third page below. I like it better than the actual painting, so here it is as a header. Part 1 is here, partContinue reading “Totnes and Lyme Regis holiday sketch diary, part 4: cows, worms, moles & other animals”

A cartoon about running

Click each page and then click again if you would like to view these pages at a larger size. Last January, I realised that I had run far fewer miles in 2014 than in previous years, and that this was because I’d got into the habit of skipping runs if the weather looked at allContinue reading “A cartoon about running”

A week in Barcelona, final part: rainbows, closed doors and iconic pavements

Here’s the final pages of my Barcelona sketch diary. You can see part 1 here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. And part 4 is here. As always, click and click again to see each page at a larger size. Now read on…

Snippets of conversation overheard on the walk to school

Our daily walk to school takes just ten minutes, during which we join the stream of other parents and kids stomping up the hill. Sometimes—well, quite often—I overhear little bits of conversation. I thought they were quite nice all collected together. That’s all. I almost added a third page, which would be about the conversationsContinue reading “Snippets of conversation overheard on the walk to school”

Women of Lewes and Brighton

These pictures are made by snapping women in the street with my phone, then working from the photos to paint a composite image on a A1 sheet of paper. The painting was done over a period of a couple of hours. As I’ve just offered this idea to a potential client (painting their customers), IContinue reading “Women of Lewes and Brighton”

Drawing stuff you don’t like

I was thinking of something Emily Gravett said at the Illustrators’ event I attended, the whole time I was drawing this tower block. Each panellist was asked to talk about how they got inspiration for their next illustration project. “I think of something I like drawing”, said Emily, or words to that effect – that is toContinue reading “Drawing stuff you don’t like”

Buy a Myfanwy Tristram print

As you’ll remember, I had a few giclee prints made up for Spitalfields Market. I now have a few extras for sale – very few, so please act fast if you’d like to buy one. Here’s what I have available (if you’d like a close-up look at the images, click on each picture below –Continue reading “Buy a Myfanwy Tristram print”