2017 – a year in drawing

No matter how much time and energy I put in, I never feel like I’m doing quite enough drawing, so it’s always good to look back over the year and realise quite how much paper (and pixels) I’ve stacked up! Here’s a quick run-through of how 2017 looked. February On the 1st, I took theContinue reading “2017 – a year in drawing”

What happens when your New Year’s resolution is “Draw More”?

My new year’s resolution for 2014 was a fairly complex one, but in essence it boiled down to two words: draw more. …and it has felt like I’ve drawn a lot this year. Not as much as someone who doesn’t have a day-job and a child, of course, but a steady stream of stuff nonetheless.Continue reading “What happens when your New Year’s resolution is “Draw More”?”

Sometimes life drawing is like bibimbap

Life drawing last night, in the creaky old attic room of the ramshackle cottage down a narrow passageway in Brighton’s North Laine area. I headed into town deliberately early, so that I could grab some dinner. I walked past chip shops, deep-fried food shops, the veggieburger shop, and didn’t fancy any of it. I endedContinue reading “Sometimes life drawing is like bibimbap”

Life drawing at the Brighton Illustrators’ Group

This is the year that I have resolved to look after my drawing. Coddle it. Fertilise it. Erm, make sure it wears a hat when it goes out into the cold? Life drawing is an important part of that, and something I have been away from for too long. Fortunately, as part of my membershipContinue reading “Life drawing at the Brighton Illustrators’ Group”