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Ladies of the Lakes by Myfanwy Trsitram

Myfanwy Tristram

I’ve been drawing comics since I was a young child. Back then, they starred my favourite but obstreperous teddy, Pink Bear.

These days they’re more likely to focus on politics, parenthood and the realities of middle age.

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  • Lakes International Comics Arts Festival (Kendal, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Rose Tinted Spectacular Zine Fair (Brighton, 2017)
  • Thought Bubble (Leeds, 2016)
  • Comica (London, 2016)


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  1. Myf – I think your blog is fantastic, beautifully written. Children’s book should be a piece of cake ! Terrific synopsis of our first Illustration class.
    Your work is stunning & should be published. You’re exceptionally talented.
    Have a great week. Lucy x

  2. Myf – you’re flying aren’t you !! I love love love your fantastic birds. They’re ace.
    Me next to join B.I.G then… L x

  3. Hey Myf – Are you maybe the Miffy Tristram that was running some kind of comic/zine in Brighton in the late 80’s? If so “Hi”, if not, love your drawings.
    Steve (Appleton)

  4. Well, Myfanwy, and ‘Hello’. We are a rare breed. I’ve only met one before – and I’ve been searching for more. Thanks for following my blog, Chittle Chattle.

    • Helloo! Yes, I found your blog while browsing artistic tags, so the name coincidence was a bonus! Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, Myf. Your sketches are excellent – are you a member of BiG by any chance? If so, I’ve probably met you at some meeting or other. Do you frequent any of the amazing array of life-drawing sessions available in Brighton? If not, you should – you’d be in heaven!

    • That’s very kind of you, thank you :)
      I am a member of BiG, but I am a shamefully inactive one who has not yet been to any meetings. I must change that soon.
      I used to attend Jake Spicer’s life drawing classes because I was working in an office right next to New England House, and I could drop in on a lunch time. Alas, (although, not really alas, because I love it) I now work from home, and it’s too far to get to in my lunch hour. I really should make the effort to do some evening classes though. I really like how the scrutiny required for life-drawing has a knock-on effect in all other areas of drawing.

  6. I’ve certainly found that to be the case since I rediscovered the life-drawing habit a couple of years ago. It’s part of my weekly routine now and I get withdrawal symptoms if I miss a couple of sessions!

  7. Hi Myf
    This is the first time I’ve written to a Myf. I was looking for ideas for my daughter’s 10 Lush Birthday Party Invite and your drawing came up with your name. Just thought it was a funny coincidence. Love your drawings.
    from Myf
    Myfanwy Webb

  8. Hi Myf,
    This is the first time I’ve written to a Myf. I was looking for inspiration for my daughter’s 10th Lush Birthday party invite when I found yours! I just thought it was a funny coincidence… I will be attempting to design my daughter’s invite. Apparently I’m a Graphic Designer. I love your illustrations.
    Myf x

    • *Waves* Hi there! How great. I wonder if there’s a propensity for Myfs to book Lush parties for their daughters…
      Good luck with your design :) – would love to see it when it’s ready.

  9. HI! I’ve been trying to find you and I finally did! I am a feature film director and writer and have written a film called Magpie. May I message you about featuring one of your Magpie cartoon drawings on the film’s website and having it show up in the film itself? I would be very pleased to embed a link to myfawnytristram.com so fans and supporters of the film can come here to learn about you!

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