How I experienced the life of a model, with Gudrun Sjoden

I haven’t exactly been blessed with the looks of a model, so no-one was more surprised than me to receive an offer to be photographed for a fashion catalogue. In fact, my first reaction may have been a snort.

But it all makes sense when you find out that the invitation came from Gudrun Sjoden. They regularly photograph their clothes on models who are “non-industry standard” — older, more characterful or larger than most brands would touch with a bargepole. (Makes perfect sense to me: their clothes are made for all ages and spread across a massive range of sizes, so why not reflect customers’ own looks?)

In this case, the shoot was to feature ‘friends of Gudrun’: bloggers, artists, novelists and other creative types. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some events in Gudrun’s London store, and that’s what put me on the early plane to Stockholm for two of the most pleasurable days I’ve had in a long time!

Drawing this sketch diary allowed me to relive the whole 36 hours, bringing back all the enjoyment again. Massive thanks to Gudrun Sjoden for such a fun trip, and wonderful memories. Oh and by the way, the friend D you see in these pictures is Visit her blog to see the amazing clothes she makes!

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Stockholm Diary p1 Myfanwy Tristram

Stockholm Diary p2 Myfanwy Tristram

Stockholm Diary p3 Myfanwy Tristram

Stockholm Diary p4 Myfanwy Tristram

Stockholm Diary p5 Myfanwy Tristram

Stockholm Diary p6 Myfanwy Tristram

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I am an illustrator, situated in Brighton on the south coast of England, and with a special interest in comics and graphic memoir. I also work for a non-profit which encourages people to be active in democracy and to exercise rights such as the right to information through FOIA.

86 thoughts on “How I experienced the life of a model, with Gudrun Sjoden

  1. Wow what a journey! I take my hat off to you for doing this – and the way you capture the atmosphere in illustration is super impressive. One day all of these will come out as a book!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Love the exquisite detail, all the colour and best of all sharing this experience with you… and then being included *immortalised* in your sketch diary. Thanks so much! And I would absolutely buy a book of all your sketch diary adventures too.

    1. It was fab, wasn’t it! Thinking about it, this is the first time I’ve done a sketch diary that features anyone other than Joe and Tabs, so it felt like more of a responsibility to represent you accurately!

  3. Gosh, i am so jealous! of your Gudren Sjoden experience, of your trip to Stockholm, of your new clothes and most of all of your fantastic journal pages! The drawings are gorgeous.You look like you had a really great time :)

    1. I really did! That makes it easier to draw, I think… And yes, I know, I’m so lucky! Opportunities like this don’t come along very often and I’m so grateful this one did.

  4. I loved reading this post and it was fun looking at Stockholm with your eyes, your perspektive. And your diary was absolutly lovely!

  5. Wow!!!!! who cares about being a model when you can draw and do a comic-illustrated like that! But I’m glad being a model lead to your “diary” graphic novel entry about the experience! Fashion/fabric/and patterns are up and coming in many female graphic novel artists or comic book artists. Darkhorse comics just featured a woman working with and influence from fashion named Joelle Jones. It’s a fictional character as opposed to you “memoir style” but you might like it? The comic is called “Lady Killer” and I’m new to her work… but I like what I’ve read and seen. Maybe you will too. Hope you keep on doing your art. It’s great.

      1. Awesomeness!!! I actually like your illustrations better, but she’s very good and totally relevant. :)

  6. Seems like you had a wonderful time! And your illustrations are so good. I could totally get the gist of your time spent there.
    You have to draw more and upload more such posts!
    Do check out my blog whenever you’re free. I’d really appreciate it.

  7. I’ve long liked looking at the catalog — though I actually haven’t in years, so let’s say I loved looking at it in the eighties — just for the relative body diversity for the industry at the time.

    1. Yes! I don’t understand why more companies don’t do that – it’s ludicrous really when you think what a small proportion of society actually looks like models :)

  8. Lucky you! Are you in the current catalogue? I love Gudrun’s style and have quite a few of her designs as staples in my wardrobe. Did she give you anything from her collection? And the cartoon is brilliant. More please!

    1. I *am* lucky, I know! :) The photos will be in the spring/summer catalogue, out in January, I believe.
      We all came away with a nice tote bag and a scarf… and of course some amazing memories!

    1. Thank you! I hadn’t really ever thought much about Stockholm before this trip, but I really want to go back and take my family with me next time. I recommend it highly, if that wasn’t already obvious.

  9. Creative idea of including sketches. It truly added color to your story. Attributes like the one embodied in your blog keep me excited about learning new things. And your sketches are really bang on. Your article is definitely amusing <3

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